What Causes Acne Problems in Adults

There was once a time wherein young people, specifically teenagers, had to suffer the ordeal of growing into maturity. To be pretty clear, so many teens had to undergo changes in their hormone levels as they transition into adulthood.

This would result in the increasing of their bone density, growth of hair in certain areas in their body, as well as the development of muscles. However, one of the most dreaded situations that teens get to experience is the growth of pimples on their face.

This is definitely something which has caused a ton of youngsters to avoid getting social with their friends out in public.

To see even just a single zit on their face would be enough to bring down their self esteem to a great low. Acne is definitely something they’d be glad to get through, especially once they’ve become adults.

However, even adults get to experience this condition too.

One would originally expect that this is something they won’t ever have to suffer from, but it is still very much possible for individuals in their mid-20s to early 50s to see a few zits, white heads and black heads develop on their skin.

Acne could become a chronic condition, indeed, although one has to be thankful that such a disorder can still be remedied with the use of creams, ointments, lotions or even antibiotics.

Yet, a great deal of responsibility is required for the person in terms of finding out what causes these pimple flare ups to happen.

Through this, they can easily figure out on how to treat the condition with utmost effectiveness.

  1. One of the major reasons why adults get to suffer from pimple outbreaks is because of the constant stress they experience in their daily living. The body experiences several chemical imbalances when a person feels stressed, and this can lead to an excess in the production of sebum in the skin. Hence, it would be best to stay away from stressful situations and look into the implementation of relaxation techniques to keep the body at peace.
  2. lack of sleepAnother reason why adults suffer from pimples is because of a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation is something that stressed out individuals gets to deal with as well, especially with all the things that run through their minds, making it hard for them to get enough rest. When this happens, the body is deprived of the proper nutrients which can keep the skin healthy and without blemish. Hence, getting 8 hours of a sleep in a day would definitely give enough rest to a person’s body, keeping it fit and healthy.
  3. Of course, there are some individuals who don’t wash their hands frequently, most especially if it’s a necessity for practicing proper hygiene. The hands are the parts of the body which are often in contact with a lot of surfaces, and these surfaces might contain some bacteria, dirt or any possible allergen that can penetrate the skin. When this takes place, the sebum will be mixed with those contaminants, causing pimples to grow in number. Thus, one should wash their hands regularly and must avoid touching their faces as much as possible.

These are three causes of adult acne. One can look into the resolutions provided above to prevent their further development.

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