How to treat dark circles under the eyes

Vanity is certainly one of many people’s favorite sins, and it can surely lead them to do everything possible just to appear physically attractive.

Of course, even with all of one’s best efforts, there’s always a chance that certain things may get in the way of this. There’s the matter of stress, physical or mental exhaustion, and even the lack of proper rest which can make an individual appear much older than they should be.

In fact, premature aging has led people to appear quite tired and worn out. This is often exemplified with the development of dark circles under their eyes.

These would often appear puffy, and can certainly cause a person to feel rather unattractive.

This condition, which is often dubbed as dark shadows under the person’s eye, develops right between the lower eyelids and the upper cheek area.

This is something which can affect all age groups, even infants. The reason for this is that there may be so much blood staying in that particular area of the face, which then makes it look like it’s over pigmented, or even swollen at times.

While it isn’t something that can be life threatening, it does make the sufferer feel as if he or she looks too old. There are some other reasons why this condition would develop, including anemia, or even chronic dehydration.

There are several treatments to be found for this condition, although it can be pretty difficult to determine which of them proves most useful.

For those who would like to sort out their options, below are just a few suggestions on how one can get rid of these pesky darkened circles.

  • Cold compressionCold compression – This is a method which requires the skin to be rubbed with a cold surface, whether it’s a towel wrapping a bunch of ice cubes, or an actual ice pack. These should b e planted on the eye bags in order to reduce the swelling. However, getting about two spoons of frozen or chilled peas and wrapping them with a soft cloth can also help in lessening the dilation of the blood vessels found under the skin.
  • Proper sleep – A lot of people don’t realize that an insufficient amount of rest can lead to the development of these dark circles too. These will make the eyes appear quite hallow and a lot paler, thus turning the darkened eye bags even more noticeable. To enhance the sleeping experience for the reduction of these darkened circles, it would be good to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The puffiness will lessen and the color will be restored to a healthier state.
  • Sunscreen – Sometimes, people tend to go out under the heat of the sun without knowing how much damage ultraviolet rays can do to their skin. Not only will it lead to skin dehydration, but also the potential development of aging signs, such as darkened circles and wrinkles in the skin surrounding the eye. Therefore, wearing sunscreen when going out in public would be advised in order to give enough protection from intense temperatures.

Dark circles are by no means harmful to one’s health, but this doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t address this concern immediately.

If they wish to look less older and tired, these tips should be helpful.

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