Natural Stretch Mark Prevention

There are a number of women in the world who have long sought out the key to attaining physical perfection.

No woman would ever want to appear physically flawed, which is why they always cover themselves up in makeup, utilize skin care products and dress up in such appealing ways.

However, there are just some things which are pretty unavoidable, especially if they happen to live rather unhealthy lifestyles. One of the most common concerns that women face is how to get rid of stretch mark problems for good.

This condition, often called scientifically as striae, is described as the development of thinned out skin in certain areas of the body, specifically the arms, the thighs, the hips and even the buttocks.

The reason behind the development of striae is that the skin stretches way beyond the limits, which then causes the collagen and elastin fibers to rupture.

This is why the streaks appear so thin and almost translucent at first, looking so red. However, they would heal and start to take on a more silvery color.

This condition also happens to be genetic, which means that a woman, who has had relatives in her family suffer from the same condition, is most likely to go through such skin issues.

They can be pretty difficult to get rid of, and knowing that there aren’t any discovered cures can just make things a whole lot worse.

However, there are methods which one can resort to before availing of expensive creams or medical procedures.

  • Olive oil can be considered as an effective remedy against stretch marks, although most people immediately think of cooking when this pops into their heads. There are some women who have reported that rubbing the oil on the affected area has certainly reduced the appearance of stretch marks. In order to get the most benefits, one has to apply the oil right on their skin just after taking a nice bath or shower.
  • Almond, avocado and castor oils are also quite effective in reducing stretch marks, simply because they have a lot of vitamin E content. Vitamin E is known for enhancing the complexion of a person’s skin. However, for those individuals who are allergic to nuts, almond oil should be disregarded in favor of the other two. However, vitamin E can still be availed of through supplements.
  • aloe vera gelAloe vera is also pretty efficient in getting rid of those pesky stretch marks. One can simply look into purchasing the actual aloe vera gel, or extracting it from the plant itself. Aloe vera can be grown at home, and its pulp is pretty effective in treating all sorts of skin problems, such as irritations and allergies. It would certainly improve the health of a person’s skin and make the healing process a lot faster.

These are three reliable and highly natural methods of stretch mark prevention that people can look into so they can acquire smoother and fairer looking skin devoid of any scarring.

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